School Fundraisers

When getting involved in school fundraisers you may want to keep in mind that the goal is to make the community aware of your need and that you also want to make the community aware of your school and what it offers the community. Getting the community actively involved in your school is a great idea and everyone benefits.

Organizing fundraisers can be complicated and intimidating. In this post we hope to give you ideas on how to stay organized, choose the right school fundraiser, and more.

1. Make sure everyone involved (in your school or after school program) knows what the goal of the fundraiser is. You may want to have a catch phrase or a single sentence that clarifies exactly what you are out to accomplish and then get the whole group to memorize this catch phrase.

2. Do you have what you need for awareness of your fundraiser:

  • fliers
  • press release
  • posters
  • roadside signage
  • newspaper article
  • radio announcement
  • e-mails
  • mailers (can be costly, take great care when using these)

3. Make sure you have the help that you need. Don’t just assume that everyone in your group or school will come to help out with your fundraiser. You need to assign people to specific tasks and get them to commit. Then you need to make sure that you have enough people for each task. Make lists with names and phone numbers so that if you end up short handed you can call people and round up some help or just remind the people that are committed to your cause.

Make people aware of your fundraiser:

1. Any salesperson will tell you that the key to making a sale is to get people emotionally involved in your product. In this case, get people emotionally involved in your fundraiser and it will be successful. You will get sponsors, customers and help that you need to make your fundraiser successful if you can get people to relate to the cause and to clearly identify how the cause directly affects the community and individuals.

2. Everyone in the group has to share the excitement. Every person in a group makes a huge difference. Don’t sign up for a school fundraiser that you can’t get a lot of people to back you up with.

The best advice we have heard about fundraising is that you don’t sell yourself, you sell your organization. If you can get people to believe in your organization they will come back time and again to support you in your endeavors. Whether you are doing fundraising for your public school or for your private school keep in mind that it brings a community together to take part in these events.