Homeschool Supplies

Whether you are just considering homeschool, just starting a new homeschool, or have been homeschooling for a while homeschool supplies are something you can not do without. recently posted an article on homeschool supplies, including a list of what you need, where, and how to get all of your needed homeschool supplies. Don’t wait until summer is over. Plan ahead, start now, and be prepared for when school starts again.

While you are at check out the new math article on decimals, it has great information and tips on how to work with decimals and decimal conversion.

You may also find the new science project article on how to make a compass helpful in keeping your children busy this summer. These projects are a great way to spend time with your children doing something constructive, educational, and most of all FUN! The make a compass article give you instructions on how to make three different types of compass’, including what materials are needed (most of which you will find around your house). Then take advantage of this cool experiment and go on a little adventure to try out your new compass. Come on, don’t sit around all summer being bored or playing video games, get out and have some fun!