Spell Checking

Spell checking? Who would have ever dreamed we would have such a luxury? The students of today truly do not understand what a great tool this is in their life, but then they have never known life without it. Many of them may not even know what a typewriter looks like, let alone that a dictionary/thesaurus is a book that you used to keep next to your typewriter. I know they still make liquid paper, but I am pretty sure if you ask any teenager to run to the store and pick you up some liquid paper they would give you that “pick up what?” look. Asking a teenager to go to college today without computers and spell check would be like asking them to start a fire without a match.

Spell check is not a complete safeguard for students. You have to be careful and read through your documents and make sure you accept the words you really want. For instance, I was running a spell check earlier on a document and where I meant to type “but” I typed “bug”, both are real words and both worked in the situation so my spell check assumed I typed exactly what I had intended. Are you aware of all the things that spell check can do for you, besides check your spelling? Do you know how to add words to your dictionary? Many spell check programs can also assist you with your grammar. Check out our grammar lesson, Spell Checking, at educationbug.org to learn what your spell checker can and cannot do for you.