Standardized Testing

Have you ever wondered what standardized testing is or what it means to you and your family? Whether you have children who are not yet in school, children in school, or children who are finished with school you have certainly heard the term “standardized testing”. Most schools send out a note when this testing is going to occur.

By title you should be able to deduce your child’s entire school will be doing testing to see how they are doing in comparison to other school districts around the country. These tests have become a great resource for statistics on schools which can be used to help create programs or curriculum to help students in any particular area in specific courses they may be struggling in such as math, reading, or sciences.

Student IEP’s or Individualized Education Programs has also been designed to help evaluate every students needs and goals. This plan gets the school, the student, and also the parent involved in understanding what is expected and needed in the child educational future, assists in setting education and career goals, and assists in everyone following through with these plans.