Monthly Archives: December 2008

Public vs. Private School? and Grammar Lessons.

Have you ever considered how public schools began? How public schools are funded? What changes have occured since the public schools were created? We recently posted an article about the history of public schools that will satisfy your curiosity.
What disadvantages or benefits there are to attending a public school versus a private school? or vice versa? If you are weighing the options about what is going to work best for your child or your family our article comparing the public vs. private schools may have all the pro and con information you have been searching for.
When you consider that the largest percentage of our childrens day to day life is spent in an education environment it is important that we continue to stay informed on what options are available so we can make the best choice for our families. It is equally important to educate ourselves on what programs are available and any current issues involving their education.
For many parents there comes a certain time in their childs education when assisting with homework becomes a very difficult chore. This varies for every parent depending on their own education level, their choice of careers, and their use of the skills and education they have acquired. One of our goals is to continue to post updated articles that can assist students and parents alike on such things as proper grammer. By educating yourself, or just refreshing your knowledge on this subject, you will better yourself and also be a better resource for your child when they need assistance.