College? or University?

Just one of the many many questions to answer when making decisions about higher education is whether a college will be able to provide you will all of your needs or if you should consider going to a university. What is the difference between a college vs. a university? And why do people choose one over another? This answer varies for everyone, some may base their decision on what their short or long term education goals are, others may decide based on what they can afford, and yet others may not be sure yet which direction they would like to go with their education. And once you have attended a college or university are you better off to get right into the work force, or should you consider graduate school? We hear all the time about people who are making millions of money without spending years and years pursuing an education. We have recently posted some articles on that have useful information to help you decide what will work best for you and your family. is also a great place to find out what colleges or universities are available and what they have to offer. You will find links to colleges in every state.