Violence, Grammar, and Private School

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We posted another grammar lesson in our series for those who are following the set – check out the new article on Passed vs. Past. These articles are very helpful to those in ESL or for younger students who are struggling with certain mistakes in the English language. We have about 30-40 more to post so we’ll keep adding as we can!

Also new this week – a comparison of private schools vs. charter schools – a must read for those who are in the debate of which school to choose for your child. We also have a number of articles that will come in a series on comparisons of school types. These will include public vs. private, magnet vs. charter, and a batch which will include higher education comparisons.

We also have a number of articles on a variety of school issues. These are sensative subjects that experts disagree on or there is a constant struggle to address the issue. This week we posted a school issue article on school violence. There are alarming statistics that each educator, parent, and administrator schould be aware. School bullying and school violence are similar, but they are also very different – know the causes of each and spot the warning signs early to prevent problems.

Our last article posted this week is one for those pondering the question: Why go to graduate school? – For some, the decision is easy, and for others, very difficult. Find the pros/cons and the statistics on graduate school in this well written article.

Featured state: Alabama Education – find Alabama private schools, public schools, and colleges.

We hope you enjoy our last set of posted articles. Thanks for visiting our site!