School issue and grammar series

In continuance of a series on your options for educating your children and the issues you may face when doing so, we recently posted an article comparing questions you may have when considering to place your child in a public vs. charter school. In this article we break down the USDOE’s definition of regular (primary, middle, high, and other) public schools. As well as 3 other categories consisting of special education, vocational education, and alternative education. We also review your options when considering a charter or magnet school. If you are confused about the differences in what these schools have to offer or the way they structured this article is a must read. As an earlier part of this series we posted an article concerning public vs. home schooling which addresses the pros and cons for anyone considering these options.

In previous posts we have addressed the issues of when it is appropriate to use “its vs. it’s” , “a vs. an”, and “to vs. too”. In an effort to continue to assist in clarifying when a certain word is appropriate to use over another we have added an article about using the word than vs. then. We continue to get positive feedback on these articles explaining how helpful they have been and asking that we continue to provide them. There are many words in the English language that are very similar in spelling or meaning and these articles are very useful in helping clarify when, where, what, or which one is proper to use.