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First Aid Training

We hear stories about the teacher who gets sued because something happened to a child during class time. Whether the cause is due to the teacher being distracted, under-trained, etc…it’s all tragic.

I found an article for first aid training that is worth a read. It has ideas on where to go to find information, classes, and more. If you’re working with children – it’s always a good idea to get CPR certified.

It’s easy to learn – it just takes time.

Enjoy the article and good luck.

Starting a Preschool

Starting a Preschool – At we have many featured articles and here in our blog we like to feature an article or category on occasion. Today, we are featuring our article on how to start a preschool.

This article contains tips on how to organize a group of parents to start a preschool group. There are many types and methods of preschools and lots of things to consider. This gives a brief overview on how to get started.

We also have many other articles on preparing for school as well as many others on various preschool topics. Our series on getting your child ready for school is written by a staffer with a M. Ed. in reading education and licensed teacher in the Vermont education system . They are top notch articles packed with great information for parents of children who are just getting ready to start school.

We also give parents ideas on learning games and how they can make education fun through use of card games and other methods. Learning doesn’t have to be boring anymore! Get your child ready for school by making the process more exciting.

Do you have a child ages 1-5? Get information at today on preschool, kindergarten, and more! We have hundreds of articles and hundreds of thousands of profiles on education institutions across the United States.

Austin, Texas Education

Austin, Texas : We’re going to start doing a regular post on our blog of featured profiles. This will include some of the most popular public and private schools, districts, libraries, and colleges.

Our website has a lot of requests for school districts in Texas and the other large states…so today we’re featuring a city with links to those profiles.

With these links you can find Austin, Texas Public Schools and more. Austin, Texas is located in Travis County – where we also have profiles:
Travis County, Texas Public Schools
Travis County, Texas Private Schools
Travis County, Texas School Districts
Travis County, Texas Public Library

If you’re looking to find school profiles in the city of Austin – find them here:
Austin, Texas Private Schools
Austin, Texas School Districts
Austin, Texas Colleges
Austin, Texas Public Libraries

The most popular school district with the most public schools is the Austin ISD. The largest college or university in Austin is The University Of Texas At Austin. The university has over 50,000 students! Austin is a very large town and has been rated a top place to live in Texas. It offers residents a lot of cultural and education opportunities. To find more on Austin, Texas visit one of the listings on our site today.

Featured Homeschool Sites

We’re going to start adding a featured site to our blog as we find high quality websites.

This week we found some awesome homeschool resources online. So if you are looking for homeschooling curriculum, resources, supply, or just looking to check out some blogs – take a look at these high quality sites!

1. Homeschooling Program – A website that explores the different online programs for homeschoolers and different types of curriculum.

2. Let’s Homeschool – an online resource catalog of everything from field trips to state laws for homeschooling. Includes book reviews, curriculum reviews, and links to homeschool support groups. This site also has a blog at Let’s Homeschool – on blogger.

3. Homeschool Playground – one parent’s blog powered by WordPress blogging engine. Includes thoughts on the daily homeschooling tasks and other issues related to homeschooling and education.

We will post more as we find them – until then – if you’d like your website reviewed – go to our website and fill out our contact us page if you want to be featured!

Grammar Lessons – It’s vs. Its

Recently, we have been updating our English Grammar Lessons on

Currently we have a good batch of lessons on our site and will continue to add more. Right now – our most popular is it’s vs. its . It features the usage of each and the definition. So if you’re wondering if you should use its or it’s – check out the page to find out! It’s is a contraction and its is a third person singular possessive adjective.

We also have many other lessons such as:
You’re vs. Your
Me vs. Myself – includes any uses of me, myself, and I.
as well as a few related to common misspellings and misuses like:
affect vs. effect
lose vs. loose

BLOG UPDATE: We just added a new article: A vs. An

We have about 50 more lessons to post and we’ll be adding them to our site as we have time and our article writers get them into us. They are very high quality resources – if you have a website or blog – we’d appreciate a link to the lessons landing page or anyone of the individual articles. This will help educate others on proper grammar.

At we are also working on a math lesson series to help understand the various terms and concepts. This will be an excellent resource to those needing some brush up on simple math, geometry, algebra, and more!

Thanks for visiting our site!

Education Directory Updates

Recently we updated all the state landing pages as well as a few navigation issues on our site. We linked the headings at the top under each state to the root level search pages. Then we added the state level searches to the left hand column navigation. Click on any of the states below to start your search for education profiles.

Alabama Education
Alaska Education
Arizona Education
Arkansas Education
California Education
Colorado Education
Connecticut Education
Delaware Education
District of Columbia Education

Our site features some of the best education related resources on the web – you can find public school reviews, private school reviews, and many other awesome features.
Florida Education
Georgia Education
Hawaii Education
Idaho Education
Illinois Education
Indiana Education
Iowa Education
Kansas Education
Kentucky Education
Louisiana Education

We also include a maps, school statistics, contact information, websites, phone numbers, and all the information you need on your favorite school, college, or district.
Maine Education
Maryland Education
Massachusetts Education
Michigan Education
Minnesota Education
Mississippi Education
Missouri Education
Montana Education
Nebraska Education
Nevada Education

We have an area on our site where owners of private schools, preschools, and other types of schools like boarding schools, military schools, and treatment centers can submit their school to our directory. This helps site owners get more exposure for no cost!
New Hampshire Education
New Jersey Education
New Mexico Education
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North Carolina Education
North Dakota Education
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Oklahoma Education
Oregon Education

We also allow people to write comments about any education institution right on the profile page so the world can see. We like hearing what people have to say – positive and negative. If you have a good or bad experience – we give you a way to share your thoughts with others.
Pennsylvania Education
Puerto Rico Education
Rhode Island Education
South Carolina Education
South Dakota Education
Tennessee Education
Texas Education
Utah Education

We have the most comprehensive article database on the web. We have professional writers who cover any education topic suggested by our readers. If you have an idea that you’d like to see on our site – contact us – we’d love to hear it and see if we can squeeze it in on the next update of the site. All suggestions get looked at and no suggestion is too crazy!
Vermont Education
Virginia Education
Washington Education
West Virginia Education
Wisconsin Education
Wyoming Education

College Student Finances

Recently, we posted an article on our website with information on college student credit cards. This article features a list of things to look for when choosing a credit card, how to avoid the pitfalls of credit cards, and how to know if you are in trouble financially.

We are going to do more on college students and how they can build credit and use credit cards to establish themselves. This way – when the student graduates – they can obtain a car loan, home loan or small business loan. But there is also risk of debt – see the student debt statistics. Many have ruined their credit score and credit report by piling on debt.

Sometimes – teens can start to build credit in high school if their parents become the co-applicant on a credit card. A good idea is to start with a low limit and have the teen learn responsibility of the limits and paying off each month.

Most college student credit cards do not require income or co-signers. These aren’t the best credit cards as far as low APR, but if you pay your balance in full each month then you don’t end up paying any interest. Just make sure you pay within the grace period.

It’s always a good idea to try to pay off the balance each month to avoid mounting debt. This is a common problem and you can learn more about the credit card statistics. The stats/facts are alarming and you should be aware of the problems that some people get themselves into before you go spending money you don’t have. The dangers are many, but if you get the right card – the rewards can be great!

Education Job Post

Last week we launched our Education and Teaching Job Post on EducationBug.

Administrators and employers can now post education related jobs for free on our directory!

The main landing page is located at . We have also posted a link to the section in our top bar navigation of the website and we’ve added a link in the footer as well.

This is a great tool to find employees. We have thousands of visitors EVERY DAY! Users can also associate the job posting with one of the profiles in our website. We are currently working on the function to bridge the navigation so if a web visitor is looking at a profile – they will see a link that says “View Jobs at this School/Library/ETC” which will link directly to a list of jobs in the school, district, college, or library.

All we need now is for you to signup and start posting your teaching jobs or any education related job.

More neat tools coming soon!