We need your help!

We need your help to spread the word about our website. If you have a blog or website – please add a little good word for us…if you wouldn’t mind.

Our site is : www.educationbug.org We would love a link to the homepage – or anyone of your favorite pages, profiles, or sections.

We are hoping to get more signups on our newsletter and more users to post to our new jobs section.

Ideas for linking to us:
1. Do a site review post on your blog. Tell the world what you think about our site and what we should do to make it better! Then let us know your ideas.
2. Put us on your blogroll. We would love to be on your blogroll. If you put our homepage in your blogroll we’ll put your blog in our blog directory!!!
3. Put us on your website links page, resources, or ??? Any page link would help.

What the links will do for us -
Google, Yahoo, Live, etc all love sites that have lots of links. So we’re trying to get more links to improve our ranking in the search engines so we can attract more visitors. A lot of people find us now by searching for a specific school, district, or library name. We have so many great tools on our site now that we’d love to share with as many people as possible.

What would be really great…is if you would tell a few friends to do the same thing. This could be a great experiment. If we can get the blogging world behind our site we could really make neat tools and have the best education portal on the web!

Thanks for all your support and great comments!
EducationBug Staff